Firefighting Brothers Transfer Volunteer Skills to their Careers

Volunteering at Centre Square Fire Company helps members achieve their career goals no matter what profession they work in. Brothers Tom and Matt Kozeniewski, ages 34 and 26, have volunteered together at Centre Square Fire Company for the past 10 years. The skills they utilize volunteering are transferable to both Tom’s career in IT and Matt’s career in teaching.

Serving in leadership positions as president and assistant chief at Centre Square Fire Company, Tom fine-tuned his management skills, leading him to advance in his career at RSM US LLP, a company specializing in assurance, tax and consulting services.

“Over the past year I was promoted to a leadership role at work where I manage two teams of people on their everyday job function,” said Tom, who works as an IT infrastructure lead. “I believe my leadership experience at the firehouse directly played into receiving this promotion.”

Leadership, as well as mentorship, teamwork and communication, can be applied to almost any profession. Matt works as a social studies teacher in Spring-Ford School District, and credits mentoring new firefighters as beneficial to working with teens in his teaching profession. Additionally, teamwork can make firefighting and teaching easier and more effective.

“Being able to work together and communicate is a crucial part of every professional path in life,” said Matt. “By building this teamwork skill in volunteering, it has provided me with a successful career in teaching.”

Additionally, volunteering together provides Tom and Matt with the opportunity to see each other more often, but also “bond at a different level than just as family members,” says Matt. As brothers, Tom and Matt have an extra familiarity when working together, which allows them to hone in on the skills they know the other will excel at on the fireground or in training.

“Working so closely with him, I know I am able to rely on him on calls or to handle various tasks around the station without any hesitancy from his end,” said Tom.

Always having an interest in the fire service when he was younger, Tom joined Centre Square Fire Company in 2009. A few of his close friends talked him into joining and he never looked back, growing in leadership roles to where he is today as president and assistant chief.

“What I enjoy the most about volunteering is giving back to the community and providing life safety protection to the community I live and work in on a daily basis,” said Tom.

Matt is currently a firefighter and runs the public relations campaign to recruit more volunteers.

“Tom had a major influence on having me join, but I think my interest in learning some new skills as well influenced me to sign up,” said Matt, who joined the junior firefighting program at 16.

“Matt is one of the most outgoing people we have at the station,” said Tom. “Whenever we are on a call or out at an event, we can almost guarantee Matt either knows someone or strikes up a conversation with the people there. Having this trait really helps us as a fire company better our outreach to the community with a familiar face and great personality.”

Centre Square Fire Company is currently seeking volunteer firefighters, junior firefighters, fire police and administrative members. No prior experience is necessary to join. Training and gear are provided. Learn more about joining the lifelong friendships and second family at