Volunteer Spotlight: Bernie Dwyer

After the September 11 attacks, Bernie Dwyer was motivated to join Centre Square Fire Company.

“I had been interested in checking out the local fire company for years and possibly joining, but never acted on it,” said Bernie. “Then the 911 terrorist attacks happened and I realized how important and vital firefighters and first responders were to their communities.”

Bernie acted on his interest and joined in December 2001. He is currently a Driver/Operator of all apparatus and runs the Driver Qualification Program. The program focuses on training and qualifying new drivers. On the business side of the organization, he is the Treasurer for the Centre Square Relief Association.

Even with more than 20 years of volunteer experience, Bernie enjoys the continuous learning experience that comes with firefighting.

“You learn technical skills, how your community works, and some human aspects of being a first responder as you interact with people you help,” said Bernie. “I think these skills help make you a more well-rounded person, which I find valuable.”

Bernie shares, “There are many ways to help out. You can bring existing knowledge and skills to help us as firefighters, fire police, or the business side of CSFC.”

Centre Square provides training and gear to all members. No experience is required to join.

For those seeking to be a firefighter or fire police Bernie tells them, “It is a challenging and multi-faceted skill. I encourage you to take the time to train and learn the skills. Also, any contribution you make does make a difference. People appreciate what you do for them.”

Learn more about volunteering at CentreSquareFire.org.