Volunteer Spotlight: Ronnie Weldon Jr.

Ronnie Weldon Jr joined Centre Square Fire Company in June of 2022 after his uncle encouraged him to join.

“I love to be active in my community and enjoy giving back to others,” said Ronnie. “My uncle asked me to come out to training and I loved it.”

Ronnie is currently a junior firefighter and can perform exterior ground work at fire calls such as running hoses, laddering buildings, and grabbing tools for firefighters.

One of Ronnie’s funniest moments was during a training session when he was learning how to open a fire hydrant and accidentally drenched one of the other firefighters.

In addition to the camaraderie at the station, Ronnie enjoys being able to make community members happy during tough times.

“Firefighting is not just about fighting fires, but it’s about being there for people at any moment day or night,” said Ronnie.

He invites others to join Centre Square and says volunteers can come to a weekly Monday night training session at 7 p.m. to see if volunteering might be a good fit.

“We all are volunteers and give as much time as possible to helping, but it’s the times when we are not available that we could use more volunteers and that is why we encourage others to join,” said Ronnie.

Ready to answer the call? Sign up to volunteer at CentreSquareFire.org/contact/.