Volunteer Spotlight: Tom Strosser

Tom Strosser’s favorite part about volunteering at Centre Square Fire Company is spending time and working with the crew.

“They give it everything they got and always do whatever it takes to make Centre Square the best it can be,” he said.

Tom joined Centre Square in 2013 and serves as a volunteer firefighter. He worked across the street at Learning Express with a friend who was a firefighter.

“He encouraged me many times to try it out. One day after work, I finally gave in and joined,” said Tom, who’s been with Centre Square ever since, learning and honing his skills to protect lives and property.

For any new volunteers, his advice is to never stop showing up no matter how difficult it is at first or how awkward you might feel.

“It takes a while to establish yourself, but once you do, you’re in it to win it,” he said.

To join the team at Centre Square Fire Company, visit CentreSquareFire.org/Contact/.